Saturday February 13th 2016

Versace Mansion

During our recent trip to Miami, we visited the infamous Versace residence.

It was built in 1930, and is the most famous home on Ocean Drive.

This 3 storey Mediterranean villa was purchased by a telecommunications tycoon for $90million after Versace’s death and converted into a private suite hotel.

With flowing French fountains, floor to ceiling murals, dramatic dome ceilings and magnificent double doors, Casa Casuarina as its now known is quite majestic.

The million mosaic pool was apparently created by Gianni Versace himself.

The ten ornately decorated suites start from $2500 per night, the most expensive being around $4000, with an ocean view thrown in for good measure.

Ladies, interested in membership ?

  • Well that’s between $20 to $50K per year….

Ever fantasised about robbing a bank whilst wearing a mink stole ?

  • Guess that the time has come…

Tweet tweet..

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3 Responses to “Versace Mansion”

  1. Cassie says:

    Did you get to go inside ? Have heard that its actually quite garish on the inside ?

  2. Anna says:

    Just had a look online and yes the inside is very garish but very Versace like quite brash and colourful. Mutiboko loving these Miami updates !

  3. Betty Page says:

    Hi Cassie, we didnt go inside we just admired the mansion from the outside. Anna you are right, the inside is quite ostentatious. Think that Gianni Versace would have loved it !

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