Sunday February 14th 2016

A Smile Costs Nothing… or Does it?

Ladies, how many times have you heard…

Smile it may never happen…

According to Debrett’s A-Z of Modern Manners :

  • All too often smiling provokes cynicism, because it is used to mask negativity.
  • The vulpine smile of the salesman as they hover on the edge of a deal.
  • The insincere grimace of the flight attendant as they dole out another hot rancid meal.
  • The meaningless teeth-baring of the customer service representative who has no intention of serving any customer.

Sinister huh?

Debrett’s continues:

  • Within the context of manners, smiling is often the armour of genial politeness we put on to see us through all sorts of social situations.
  • As such, we could be accused of insincerity, but surely smiling is better, kinder,more attractive than the panoply of frowns and boredom.
  • Remember that smiles are infectious-and spreading a little infectious happiness can only be a good thing.
  • So Ladies, in the New Year after the Christmas celebrations seem like a hazy blur and your credit card has taken a hammering…
  • Just smile gracefully.
  • After all it may already have happened…

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One Response to “A Smile Costs Nothing… or Does it?”

  1. cassie says:

    If its genuine then there is nothing more welcoming than a smile…

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